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Our database contains a collection of references on vulnerability, resilience and livelihoods that proved to be relevant for our work within the TPP “From vulnerability to resilience”. The articles collected derive from different disciplinary fields such as social sciences, psychology, geography and disaster studies. They all explore the concepts of vulnerability and resilience.

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The document contains a list of references providing information on the authors, title, source of the article and abstract if available. For a better orientation the references have been grouped into thematic groups.

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The articles are made available in PDF format to all members of the TPP “From vulnerability to resilience”.

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In connection with the development of the "Multilayered Social Resilience" Framework, a new assessment scale named the "Resilience Competencies Scale" (RCS) was developed by the Switzerland group. If you are interested in accessing this scale for use in your research, please fill in the Resilience Competencies Scale permission form, and fax it back to us. Once we receive this, we will then send you the RCS for you to use. Thank you.